Hi, I'm Reynold. Professional chess player and in my free time, I write on this blog where I speak about topics of interest to me related to this sport.

"The pleasure of

being useful"

The main objective of this blog is to provide knowledge to players, coaches and Chess lovers in general. It does not matter if you are an amateur, an aspiring teacher or even if you already are a chess master, I trust that the content that I share can contribute at least a grain of sand in your chess training. We always have room to learn!

My name is Reynold Rafael Fernández Mayola and I am a FIDE Master. I graduated in Physical Culture and Sports in 2019, I work at the ISLA Chess Studies Center, I am a coach at the ISLA talent school, I have taught television Chess classes as part of the Universidad Para Todos project, I am a professor at the Manuel Fajardo University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences and I have been involved with competitive chess since I was eight years old.

In this virtual space I will share techniques to optimize your training, psychological questions about competitive chess, exercises to test your skills, and in general content that can help you improve your level of Chess.

I am also a sports lover, and a follower of FC Barcelona and Messi.